Welcome to my world!  Since the release of The Apple of My Eye is still a few months away, I thought I would give you an insight into my characters.  Don’t worry, there is no spoiler alert needed.  (Don’t you just hate when you read the back cover of a book and it ruins the story by giving away too much?  I promise not to do that.)

So, what is my philosophy about characters?  I certainly believe in having flawed characters; that is who we all are, isn’t it?  But I think with the trials and tribulations of life, when I read a book I want to meet new friends, not new people who disgust me, at least not as main characters.  As I think of who should inhabit the pages of my books, I want characters who I would enjoy having as next door neighbors.  They should be people I could imagine sitting with on the front porch chatting about everything and nothing.

If you want tragic heroes, then my books are probably not your cup of tea.  If you like people who are heroes despite tragedy, then now we’re on the same page.   And if that is the case, I hope you’ll check back here every week for my Monday postings and my periodic updates.

Have a great week and, as always, enjoy the best books!

Mary Ellen

About Mary Ellen Bramwell

I am an author, wife and mother.
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