Off to the Editor . . .

One more milestone has passed. I’ve let my baby go – off to the editor/proofreader. I’m confident about the book, but . . .

I suppose we all have moments like that, moments of conflicting emotions. We are sure of ourselves – mostly. Or we like playing the piano, but not the practicing. We love our kids, but don’t always like their behavior. We feel we are worthwhile, upstanding individuals, but then we doubt ourselves.

The only solution is to recognize that sometimes there isn’t one. We pick up and move on the best we can. We gut out the piano practicing, we try harder to reach and teach our children, we work on our flaws while acknowledging our strengths. Always, we need to move forward, one foot in front of the other, forward, forward.

I believe this is one of the secrets of life, that it takes courage, determination, and perseverance. BUT . . . it is worth it. Just make sure you are moving towards a good goal – like being happier, or being kinder. Otherwise, it really doesn’t matter if you are taking any steps at all.

About Mary Ellen Bramwell

I am an author, wife and mother.
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