What’s your genre?

It’s almost like asking your zodiac sign, but do you have a book genre that’s just yours?

I recently saw a couple of posts about Young Adult Dystopian books. They seem to be everywhere these days, riding on the coattails of Hunger Games and Divergent. The question was posed, “Are there too many?”

One side of me wants to say, “Yes!” Everywhere I turn in my author groups I find book after book from this same type being published. I want to say, “Enough already!” But the other side of me says, “So what?” The real question should be, “Is it well-written and captivating?” because if that’s your genre you’re going to need more books to read at some point. Did anyone ever say Agatha Christie wrote too many mysteries? I doubt it.

Personally, I like a good old general fiction book, one with a bit of mystery, a bit or crime, and a bit of suspense. But a lot of YA Dystopian books have those elements . . .

So, what is your genre or do you have one?

About Mary Ellen Bramwell

I am an author, wife and mother.
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