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It’s Blog Hop time! So, I and my fellow bloggers are each answering the same question and then telling you about our books. You can follow the links to the right to buy my book, and the link above to buy some of my friend’s books. At the end, I’ll tell you about a contest and who else is participating in the Blog Hop.

First things first, here’s the Blog Hop question: Do the changing seasons influence your writing and/or choice of books to read?

When posed this question, my first thought was somewhat lyrical. I could imagine the colder weather making my thoughts drift more towards warmth and warm emotions, like love. That sounded like the way to answer this question. But when I seriously considered it, I realized that the seasons don’t change my taste in books or my writing in the least. I write at home so if it’s cold, I put on warmer clothes and turn the heat on. Other than that, my computer sits in the same place, my desk doesn’t move and neither do I during daytime hours. As far as books that I read – I just want a good yarn, regardless of the time or season!

So, if you would like to read a good yarn . . . check out The Apple of My Eye (10% off on amazon at the time of this post). It’s about Brea, a young mother, who is awakened to the news that her husband has been shot and is on his way to the hospital. When he dies, her whole world is shaken. But will searching for answers about his death uncover secrets she’d rather not know? Can she move forward despite her heartache?

Buy it, read it, enjoy it, and remember reviews are always appreciated!

And now for the contest:

I’ll be giving away one $5 Amazon gift card. You can enter this drawing one of two ways. First, like my facebook author page Your second option is to “follow” my blog. A follow option is at the top and on the right. I will be sent an email that you are following me. IMPORTANT! Whichever option you pick (or both), add a comment to this post with your email address (and “like” number if you picked that option). I must review each comment, so I will not publish the comments to keep your email private. I will pick a winner from those comments by Oct. 13th and will deliver the gift card to you by way of email.

Here’s the rest of the Blog Hop (starting with a link to all of the bloggers’ links):

October 5:

Linda Covella

Mary Ellen Bramwell

Tina Webb

Logan Crowe

October 6:

Tara Fairfield

Barbara A. Martin

Christina Lorenzen

Shanna Hatfield

October 7:

Sally Sue Fleischmann Ember

Chrystal Lynn Miles Gauthier

Zelda Benjamin

October 8:

Kelley Crandall

Jennifer Pitkin

Mari Barnes

October 9:

Sharon Skretting

James DiBenedetto

Melanie Snitker

October 10:

Felicia Rogers

Ruth O’Neil

Debbie Brown

October 11:

Faith Blum

Kristin Wallace

Elizabeth Kaiser

About Mary Ellen Bramwell

I am an author, wife and mother.
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6 Responses to CIR Blog Hop

  1. Like you, nothing much changes about my writing when the seasons change. However, when it cools off in S. Fl I like to sit outside with my laptop and write.

  2. Brought you up to 112 LIKES on FB and also #FF this site, now, Mary Ellen. Thanks for participating and posting the entire list of bloggers who are!

    best to you,


  3. I love Christmas books. That may be because living most of my life in Florida, I needed them to feel like it was really Christmas. I had previously liked your FB page, I followed you through WordPress. Now I am hopping to the next blog!

  4. lindacovella says:

    Mary Ellen, thanks for your post! I agree, I’ll take a good story any time of year! 🙂

  5. Already liked you on Facebook and now following your blog! Thanks for being part of the blog hop! I did read books one year based on the holiday or season and it was fun. I love to read and read every single day. So far, over 270 books this year have been read and reviewed.
    Kathy Watts

  6. Thanks for joining in the hop. It was fun to stop by your blog and “meet” you! Happy Reading (and writing)!

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