You know you’re a writer if . . .

You know you’re a writer if . . .

… you’ve ever googled how quickly someone might die from poison

… you’ve asked your writer friends for help writing a suicide note

… you’ve asked a doctor how quickly and in what manner a disease will kill instead of how one might survive

… you’ve taken a vacation and could deduct it on your taxes as “research”

… you’ve read a good book for work and pleasure

… you’ve researched how to commit a crime (fraud, theft, espionage, etc.)

… you’ve researched the meanings of your character’s names more than your own children’s names

… you talk in word counts not page numbers

… you explore your dreams and nightmares for possible material

… you’ve ever cried over the death of a character, but killed him or her off anyway!

Please feel free to add your own!

About Mary Ellen Bramwell

I am an author, wife and mother.
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4 Responses to You know you’re a writer if . . .

  1. Author Tamie Dearen says:

    …if your husband is jealous of your computer.

  2. 4endtimeuser says:

    You know your characters better than you know your spouse…oooh, did I really say that?

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