In the last year . . .

On Saturday, at a book signing, I stopped to contemplate what a difference a year makes. A year ago I was just putting the finishing touches on my novel. Since then, I (obviously) completed it, signed a book deal, and have seen it published! I am so amazed at my blessings and so grateful for them. A year ago I could not have conceived of all that has happened, and I’ve only mentioned a few of the wonderful opportunities that have come my way in the last twelve months.

Of course there are other things too. It was just last Thanksgiving that my mother suffered a stroke, forever altering who she is in mortality. But I am thankful that I was able to visit with her, talk to her face-to-face, tell her how much I love her. I am grateful that I can speak with her on the phone. Most of all, I am thankful that I know she will he whole again – in the life after this, and that I will one day be with her there.

I am grateful for my mother’s influence in and on my life. There is good reason that the opening page of my novel states: “To Janyce Maxfield Harrison, my earliest and most ardent cheerleader.”

May you all have a most wonderful Thanksgiving!

About Mary Ellen Bramwell

I am an author, wife and mother.
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  1. James Hansen says:

    We are leaving in the morning to spend Thanksgiving with my 95 year old Mom. I appreciated your comments about your mother.

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