Just wanted to share the latest review of The Apple of My Eye

Mary Ellen Bramwell’s The Apple of My Eye
By Rodney Page

Ms. Bramwell’s book is delightful!

Protagonist Brea Cass’s life is near perfect…a supportive and loving husband and a new baby, but her world is shattered when her husband is murdered. Brea grieves but survives with the help of her parents and friends, really good friends of the type we all long for. Ms. Bramwell captures a widow’s deep grief and her slow recovery from tragedy, a healing process interrupted by her husband’s secrets.

Brea balances her mourning with her need to understand who her husband really was, a quest she pursues vigorously despite fears of what she will discover. But she must. Without closure, she can’t continue.

The more Brea learns of her late husband’s secret life, the more determined she becomes to discover the truth, the whole truth, no matter how hurtful it may be. Just who was the wonderful man she loved and married?

Brea’s journey to closure is alternately painful and joyful; enlightening but contradictory; maddening and soothing. The truth evolves with each new clue, and Brea will not be deterred.

The Apple of My Eye juxtaposes the most inner thoughts and emotions of a woman who lost her husband with her dogged determination to find out who killed him and why…not an easy task for an author, but Ms. Bramwell pulls it off perfectly.

About Mary Ellen Bramwell

I am an author, wife and mother.
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