I’ve been thinking lately about light and it’s properties. I’ve always been fascinated by light; so it should come as no surprise that light, and it’s opposite – dark, are woven as metaphors throughout my novel, The Apple of My Eye.

Light is not something we can reach out and touch, yet it can touch us. It can shine upon our skin or light the path before us. It can illuminate those things that are right in front of us, yet appear invisible in the dark. Light brings to us colors – items that are only gray in the shadows reveal themselves to have character in color.

Emotions are often attributed to light as well. A bright day can lighten your mood and appear to lift your burdens. Light is associated with happiness and peace, where as the opposite mood is often described as being dark.

Sometimes, in despair, my characters seek the darkness, but more often they, like most of us, crave the light. Do you seek for light? More importantly, do you seek to share your light with others?

About Mary Ellen Bramwell

I am an author, wife and mother.
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