What day is it?

Years ago, I worked at an accounting office. From February to April we were busy filing income taxes for our clients, both business and personal. Tax season always left me confused as to what year it was. The new year was barely upon us when we were filing taxes for the year just ended. To complicate matters, we would look at previous years’ taxes for guidance. With all those different years in my head, it would be May before I was certain what the current year was.

I thought this confusion was simply a phenomenon of working in an accounting office. I was wrong. Recently, I’ve been writing an educational newsletter. It covers topics related to math and science for elementary school children. I just completed December’s issue. In the process of writing it, my editor and I had many a discussion about what activities or science experiments might be appropriate for the weather of December. For instance, a science experiment that requires soil might be problematic since the ground is often frozen, making digging up dirt difficult at best. As I wrote each piece of the newsletter I was conscious of the season, considering its ramification on any activity I proposed.

After working intensely on this newsletter over the course of several days, I would emerge from the basement and venture outside. Every time I did, I was shocked to realize it was still summer, and it was hot! I would shake my head and laugh at myself, only to find myself doing it again the next day. I imagine if I were writing a book with a seasonal setting I would be in the same boat. Our minds sure are funny things!

What about you? Do you have a job or activity that tricks your mind into thinking things are not quite what they are? Feel free to comment with your own experiences.

About Mary Ellen Bramwell

I am an author, wife and mother.
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