Editing Services – Write Right!

“Mary Ellen Bramwell is fast, professional, and thorough. She has an incredible ability to find inconsistencies and timelines issues. As a successful author, she knows what works and what doesn’t–and generously shares her knowledge. She also offers praise when she really likes a piece of writing. Mary Ellen has reviewed two of my novels and both are better as a result. She’s a great editor.”

“Mary Ellen edited my third book. I was so impressed with her work and how quick and thorough her review was. Mary Ellen went far beyond simply identifying and correcting errors. She provided insightful feedback and identified inconsistencies. Her feedback improved the book tremendously, and I highly recommend her!”

“Mary Ellen is a wonderful writer who also understands the issues her fellow writers confront particularly in the editing process. I had the pleasure of using her editing services for my new novel Silver or Lead and am happy to give her a five-star rating!”

What I do

I offer editing services for fiction, non-fiction, and children’s books. I specialize in content editing, watching for:

  • Plot holes
  • Redundant information 
  • Flow 
  • Timeline issues 
  • General logic and readability
  • Consistency

I try to be nitpicky. That way you can choose to accept the edits or reject them, but if I don’t make the suggestion, you don’t have the option.

I proofread as I go (typos, missing words, proper use of quotations marks and commas, and so on), but that is not my primary focus.

As a best-selling author, I know what it’s like to put your “baby” out there. You want to show your best work. So, I offer a resonable price. Contact me about your specific project, and we can discuss it. I charge per word, but I also offer an hourly rate when authors only want me to rexamine sections they’ve changed.

I am not interested in reading/editing novels with graphic sex scenes. If there is sex, I prefer it to be implied not described.

If you would like references, I will gladly provide them. A recent client posted this: 

“Mary Ellen’s work is outstanding. I recently hired her to edit a non-fiction children’s book which tackled difficult subject matter. Not only did Mary Ellen offer knowledgeable, expert editing, she brought strategic and creative insights I didn’t expect. I implemented every last suggestion – unheard of for an author! I will hire Mary Ellen for future projects.”

I like to provide a quick turnaround, usually within a week or two, but it depends on my schedule and the word count of your project. For a small deposit, I can add your edit to my calendar to facilitate your time needs.

For more information or to schedule editing for your book, reach out to me through my contact page.