PenCraft Award Winner!

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Dandelion Summer has just won 1st place for Fiction – Mystery – Sleuth! Yay! Pick up a copy for yourself and some for Christmas gifts!

About Mary Ellen Bramwell

I am an author, wife and mother.
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2 Responses to PenCraft Award Winner!

  1. Stephen Henry Mathias Joseph Wolcott BOHN says:

    Wow! What a class act you are!! Ms. Mary Ellen. This is Stephen BOHN, From your neighborhood near the castle. 🙂

    Thank you for your stimulating and impressive cards – – – what a great idea!

    Being a technical guru writer wanna be society of technical communication fan STC for ISTC (For you folks with an international twist like you, Mary Ellen, and your dear hubby, the good doctor. I’m dying to pick his brain too.

    So nice to meet you the other day , and thank you for your hospitality. And the bright light that you radiate, the both of you. That wonderful example, well done!

    So one link led to another today for me starting with the “apple of my eye” synopsis (Sorry about my title caps; iPhone does not seem that advanced), and that led me to etc., and then to your site and I love the apple of my eye synopsis which hooked me as I have the law-enforcement and detective background since I was 14 when I started volunteering for the local police department, in a huge eastern city. No I was blessed to be somewhat protected in suburban, though I knew not how greatly blessed until the riots of 1960s, when I watched Washington University ROTC burned to the ground. And my best friend was right on the front lines in riot gear, The finest of the finest police officers I ever knew, and I have known scores of them. Yes, scores. Not bragging; not at all. I am blowing their horn or horns. Well looks like I’m out of space. But I just wanted to give you my compliments, and my thanks. I built a new contact today for the good bishop captain of the ship, and plan to follow up on that wonderful lead of yours directly.

    All the best, and may the good Lord bless you richly, you and yours.

    Very truly yours, Stephen

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